We help turning your ideas with passion, love and care into reality.

We work with and create from all various material you can imagine or think about when it comes to wood projects or furnitures. Predispose us to that our connection with our sister company Leo films (movie set construction)

We work with massive solid wood of all different species (preferably but not only), epoxy resins, laminates, refurbished materials and others. All our material we carefully pick by ourselves and check quality and also our suppliers, to offer always best we can.

We are supplied on our stock with around 100m3 of wood of different species, different laminate boards, veneers, particle boards and other materials.

Beside standard tools like format saw, circular saws, bend saws, ABS edge machine etc., our workshop is equipped also with own CNC machine for any crazy ideas or custom made signatures and engravings for any of the parts.

We love what we do, and we give every client same importance so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a plan or just a rough idea and need our help to plan it before it comes to realization. And even if it will not we like to hear ideas, make friends and discuss about what we love!